About us

Our Vision: Creating communities throughout the world that work together, for their people to live out their dreams no matter their age or background. To give people the tools they need to reach goals beyond their expectation. Modeling to care enough to give back.

Our Mission: Teams Together looks at the big picture to assess the needs, strategically implement resources, and organize Teams Working Together for the greater good.

Our Purpose:  Teams Together is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that specializes in personal crisis restoration and disaster relief.  We offer a helping hand up by re-educating and encouraging working families in need.

Our History:  We are your friends and family who were brought up to “help out their neighbor,” “give to the poor,” “take care of the elderly,” and “love and treat your neighbor as you want to be loved and treated”… so we did. As children, we filled piggy banks for annual donation drives, and Christmas barrels for families overseas in need. As we grew older, it was our turn to teach our children to do the same. As our families and friends grew older and needed care, it was now up to us to care for them; so we did, until their last breath. We held their hands, fed them, diapered them, paid their bills, made financial arrangements, laughed with them, and listened to their stories.

The needs grew more than we could accommodate by ourselves, or provide for financially. So we got together and formed a Global Non- Profit Humanitarian Organization called Teams Together, Inc.  By doing this, only our imaginations could hold us back from opportunities to help. Our hearts are filled with anticipation of what can be done, and who we can teach to help others in need.

Our Awards:

Service To Mankind Award
Service To Mankind – local Award
Service To Mankind – Regional Award



bringing hope to those in need