ECO – Disaster Rebuilding


     At Teams Together, we are expanding our Alternative Energy Project to include replenishing our world that has been torn by Disasters.  A different approach in “filling the gap”,Simple tree logo we continue to find ways of giving back.

     The ECO Project is one we are expanding to re-plant what storms tear apart, clean animals riddled with chemicals, and partner with other Non-profits to clean the soil where your children will play, or your garden will grow. We are stewards of the planet; it’s up to us to help it heal.  We can all do our part.

     As part of our on-going project, you may wish to donate to plant a tree “In Loving Memory Of”, or to honor a group or individual that went the extra mile.  When you donate, please indicate in the memo line what your donation is in honor of, year and place.

Thank you in advance for your gift!


bringing hope to those in need