Families in Crisis Programs:  We support upper working-class families and individuals through a crisis. We often find that these families are able to sustain themselves for 6 to 8 months, as they live on a combination of savings, credit cards, family assistance, and company health plans. As their personal resources expend over time, they struggle with where to turn, since they do not qualify for public assistance. That’s where we come in, through word of mouth.

We offer “assistance with dignity” to the working class in need; to get them through their crisis and transformed into a story of hope and self-sufficiency. We assist them with creative ways to make it through, offer emotional support, and network resources. They do not “live in the system”, so it is difficult for them to find a way through the maze of governmental resources. We give them “a hand up” to make it through to the other side.

Our success is when you watch them break through their crisis to the other side of living, not merely surviving; but being productive citizens and having their life back so that they can in turn, help others up as they were helped; creating local solutions.

FAMILIES IN CRISIS PROJECT:   Individuals effected by Cancer or Organ Transplant.

Our volunteers worked with several families, orphanages, youth, elderly and children. We served needs to the working class with a hand up, encouragement, as well as educating them how to carry on. They are ordinary men and women struggling to pull their lives back from the edge after losing their jobs and/or key family members, and could not find their way out of their situation long-term. We assisted them with resources to carry them through their financial short-fall, as well as guided them into alternate jobs with the skills they have or offering re-training for new skills in the marketplace of today.

The “What About The Kids” project helped families surviving cancer or organ transplants in our local communities. This project gave families hope with dignity with gift cards so that they could shop for the foods their families needed to overcome their individual medical challenges with healthier food choices. We also taught youth how to shop and cook what they bought. Preparing the youth for their future, this also enabled them to learn how to stretch their dollar and prepare meals to help their families.

bringing hope to those in need