Training, Research and Internship Program

Our training programs are a one-on-one, individualized approach to help adults go forward in a new career path, while re-building up their employability, one project at a time.

We have worked with underemployed, older employees that found themselves in downsizing corporations, over-stressed, and/or walking through the journey of medical recovery. We offer them small tasks to rebuild their confidence, help overcome their stress level of inadequacy, and allow them to experience accomplishments once again. We encourage them to find an income source that fits their needs and talents. The process requires a lot of patience and discernment on our part, but we evaluate each individual’s needs and encourage them to move forward as we creatively and lovingly help them through their journey.

During our vetting process, we are able to assess the best strategy for those we assist. Whether we refer them to contacts at our local SBA (Small Business Administration), State Employment Offices, Veterans Administration, help them start their own business, or network them with business owners, we look for the best fit where they are mentally in their life. In assisting older working adults to start over, their mental status is critical to their success; this is why we have programs that both assess their stress levels as well as build their confidence for a new field of employment.

The success is when you watch them break through their crisis to the other side of living, not merely surviving; being productive citizens and having their life back so that they can help others as they were helped.


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