Alternative Energy Research

reburb globe and fireOur Alternative Energies Projects are more than wind, solar, technology and green: it’s also re-purposing, and researching effective new energy sources. We think outside of the box: with our projects, with our training and with our resources.

Teams Together Research Teams are looking for new ideas, technology inventions and solutions so that we can also serve our disaster relief projects more effectively. By using renewable energy sources, we minimize the environmental impact on already damaged areas.  We have found during our disaster relief, that most areas are not accessible for trucks to resupply normal energy sources, so our teams are looking to fill that gap from main-stream thinking.

During our review with disaster relief teams last summer, we also were looking how to improve our assistance and further help communities with Alternative Energy. We have been working on a new energy source and spoke with several engineers about our development, which confirmed our technology was viable.  We are in the stages of obtaining funding to further our research, patent and develop a prototype of our energy source.

We will use our model in disaster relief efforts before mass marketing.  Our product will have many uses: disaster relief agencies, third world countries, rural areas, space, military and recreation – to name a few.

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