Past re-Training Projects

Internship Projects


This program gives displaced working adults the opportunity to have their own computers while building a team to assist in a project and manage the progress. The computers allow them to use Project Manager (software used in many large corporations), which improves productivity, broadens their computer skills, communication and responsibility. With the use of computers, they are also able to share information virtually.

The measure of success is the excitement we see with their learning process, learning to work together and share work, and standard of work. Each person building a team trains others to take over their responsibilities so that the core team can move on to other projects.

Re-Training displaced adults

  1. New Business Start-up
    Vetting ideas for new business
    Giving tools to build their business
    Business budgeting
    Marketing counseling
  2. Business accessories
    Assisting in purchasing of business tools
  3. Re-training
  4. Networking

bringing hope to those in need