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Our Training Project  is sponsoring our Leaders of Tomorrow in a Summer Studies Abroad in Music & Culture Project

Teams Together launched the project with $300 seed money.

Follow-up from our students:

BLAS Irish Music school           Class of 2015
                    BLAS Irish Music School Class of 2015


With the help of Teams Together, we were able to travel to Ireland to learn Traditional Irish music. We attended a program called BLAS School of Traditional Irish Music, that was based in the University of Limerick. We had a fantastic time learning new styles of music, and traveling the country!  We leave with much more appreciation for traditional Irish music, as well as the whole Irish culture. We would like to thank Teams Together for their contribution to making our dreams come true!

learning Bodhran, a traditional Irish drum
learning Bodhran, a traditional Irish drum

The Irish culture is a funny one. As part of our classes we had to go to a pub and play music with whomever showed up. These times were some of our favorite memories from Ireland, sitting in a pub playing along to a couple tunes. These evenings are called “sessions” and it is a favorite pastime for musicians all over Ireland. Some of our teachers complained during our lectures, that instead of droning on and on about music, they could have been in a pub, playing music and having a merry time! This is perhaps the best example of Irish culture I can think of. The Irish know how to have fun!

learning Traditional Irish tunes



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